If Found Please Return to Ted James Feb 25, 2010

Ted James, aka Super Ted, is here in NYC. It’s his first time in the States, so we took him out for pizza and beer last night. 14 Bike Co flew him out for the NAHBS and he wasn’t expecting the weather to be this shitty. We’ll make the best of it, cross our fingers and hope that Richmond’s weather is nicer. Look for us on Saturday, we’ll be out and about. Say hey to Super Ted. He’ll have his bike with him and we’ll be out at all the events.

Check out more photos from last night below.

Chris, Ted and Me at Clems.

Ted James.

Ted’s ESB.

Rusty bottom.

Stoked to have him around!

  • Sloan

    That’s rad. SuperTed’s first time in the States. Let the good times roll!

  • johnny

    good plan to bring the crusty rusty so it doesnt get stolen in NYC?

  • luke

    isnt teds all build from reynolds 853? why let it rust so much

  • Edward Scoble

    I’m not surprise he have that on his cap, that bloke lose bike more than his socks!