Fyxomatosis: More with Sabrina Feb 14, 2010

Andy at Fyxomatosis just uploaded the rest of his photos with Sabrina, the track racer he shot with in December. This phototorial shows Sabrina cooling down from training on the track, swapping out her sweaty clothes, changing her bars and her shoes and heading out for the night. I usually don’t like to post half-naked photos of women here, but this shoot was tastefully done. Cheers Andy!

Check out the full gallery here and the first shoot with Sabrina here. Intense!

Fyxomatosis: Sweet Sabrina
Fyxomatosis Says “Go Into the Light”

  • Gordon

    Sick. Such a fresh bike, too.

  • aj

    i knew an australian girl once, she did not have a big butt, she did not ride bikes.
    in conclusion, fyxomatosis lies.

  • She is australian born but EU background. So i guess she is not full Aussie. you are right there. But Fyxomatosis has never photoshoped things. Raw info :) real!
    What i know that she now trains track with the Polish national womens team in Warsaw.
    So i think that is where the butt is coming from.

    agree about australian girl butts :)

  • ah-ha! polish girls are nothing but trouble. but, their geometries are worth it.