For Sure Feb 16, 2010

for sure from Beaver on Vimeo.

Beaver put together a short edit for LABrakeless featuring George, Joey and Kris from Locked Cog riding in parts of LA. Watch that last clip. Man, cuttin’ it close.

  • pugsly

    is it me, or is the whole “Watch me weave through this busy intersection” thing slightly jackass? what if some mom got alarmed, slammed on the brakes, and her kid jackson pollocked on the windshield?. other than than pretty fresh.

  • SeveM

    How idiotic. He can thank the gentle drivers to care for him. Is it proving anything at all ??
    Cross stealth or don’t take the red pill.

  • jakob

    Yeah, knowing that intersection, I do have to express my disappointment with LAB that they would promote this kind of irresponsible behavior. If their boy George got creamed or caused a giant pile-up, worse yet, injuring others, would they still have his back?

  • George

    you guys are being soft. Who cares! stay grimmey.

  • crihs

    kid doesnt know how to ride through traffic.

  • George

    shut up with the negativity haters

  • dalton

    I would just like to comment that the shirtless guys main trick should definitely be “double-pits-to-chesty”, looking at how he kept rubbing himself.

  • ian

    Kris looks like Dan Bejar

  • morgan

    stop hating this video is sikc.

  • Horrible, that cut through traffic was unnecessary and plain idiotic. Come on guys.

  • Karma

    Cool tricks. but The traffic busting was idiotic.

    It doesn’t take skill to rely on the quick reflexes and kindness of 6 lanes worth of traffic to keep you from getting destroyed. Sorry kids but the camera doesn’t make you invincible. Otherwise good stuff.

  • Dennis

    is that really lance armstrong? LOL

  • Chris

    Running red lights like that is no sillier than doing BMX tricks on a track bike

  • Umm. You serious? Re-read that out-loud in front of people. One puts the lives of many at risk and one is just fun.

    Common sense.

  • Geeeeesh

    I ran the red light and it was fun! Idiotic, maybe? Fun, yes. What happened to the punk in sports. what happened to the “I dont give a fuck”. All you law abiding citizens can got to church and put your helmet mirrors on cause I DONT GIVE A [email protected]#t!!!

  • (I wasn’t dogging you George, was just replying to Chris’ comment)

    Ride how you want. I don’t care!

  • George

    Def. not intended for you prolly! We all good!

  • Chris

    Re-read my comment out loud in front of people and ask if I was serious. Tongue in cheek, man.

  • :-P

  • Dan Bejar…really? Haha.