Flat Fix Minato Feb 17, 2010

flat fix minato from jun iwai on Vimeo.

Flat Fix crew fixing a flat. Nothing special, but I liked it.

If you don’t, you should check Minato’s blog and Jun’s blog. Good dudes!

  • i’ve got a little bit of a random question. coming from someone who does not do the fixed/trick thing, but i obviously come here often as i enjoy bikes in general. anyway, back in my bmx racing days of the mid 80’s (i’m old), we ran a fat tire up front and a skinny tire in the back, seemed to make the bike handle better in the corners and give better traction and maybe even make the bike lighter. since your bikes have been starting to run fatter and fatter tires, would this make any difference for the way you guys ride or bike handling in general on these big bikes? granted i know you aren’t dirt racing. i wouldn’t have really even thought about it or remembered until i saw this vid and he seems to have a skinnier back tire. anyway, it set off a little spark in my old man brain. just wondering if that setup would have any positive/negative effects to the type of riding that you guys do. or if it’s just personal preference, or “my other fat tire/rim was busted so i grabbed this one” haha. anyway, sorry for the random question, was just curious.

  • Hey man,

    Yeah, a lot of people do this. It helps with g-turns / nose-pivots and nose manuals. It’s also a by-product of riders not being able to put a HUGE tire in the back because of their frame clearance. I think Tom (in the next video I posted – orange fork) – is riding a 2 1/2″ 29r tire up front. Says it helps with his nose manuals.

    The bigger your tires, the longer your wheels last. Which is why most people have switched.