Dura-Ace 7403 Partial Group Feb 9, 2010

This was a sweet score. A local dude was selling a partial Dura-Ace 7403 group. Having just bought that 7-Eleven Merckx, I was looking to upgrade from the Shimano 600 group to DA7403, which was the catalog spec for that frame. Granted, I’ll be using the STi in lieu of the downtube shifters.

One more shot below.

Now comes the painstaking process of stripping the bike, Framesavering it, cleaning the surface rust, examining for cracks and retouching various chips. Hopefully in a month, the bike will be complete.

  • Damn,are you doin all that work yourself?How do you find the time?

  • jbensonfong

    I can appreciate vintage groups. But if you’re gonna post it, make sure its campy or suntour. Shimano gets better for a reason nowadays…to match SRAM

  • Oh yeah because vintage Ergopower was so divine.

  • I have an 8-speed Ergopower group and will say that the action is still fresh and the ergonomic feel is better than the early Shimano stuff. If this group is in unused condition, great, otherwise, there’s often something fishy going on in unrebuildable early STI shift levers.

  • I had early 8spd Ergo power shifters on my Hollands and they gave me nothing but problems. I’ve never had any issues with 7403 STi…

  • j

    nice find and good choice on the shifters. that head on shot of your other em with the sti shifters is off the chain.

  • Luke S

    Double check me, but I think there are compatibility issues with Dura Ace shifters and Ultegra derailleurs.

    And early STI was definitely better than early Ergo. In the early 90s, Campy got better because Shimano started innovating.

  • ctjustin

    we have a full group at the shop, i’ll part it so you can make yours complete. it has practically no miles, came off a serotta.

  • jbensonfong, don’t be a dick. Prolly is nerding out over his new toy, let him have it.

  • Luke S., That’s all Dura-Ace, no Ultegra.

    CTJustin, oh yeah? Emailing you…

    Fuzzy, XOXOX

  • Colin

    That’s sweet I’ve been hunting for that group for a while now!

    Any plans on selling the ultegra?

  • The group that’s on the bike now is Shimano 600 (with Ultegra brake calipers) – it’s going to a friend of mine…

  • J

    Im also watching for 7400 parts for a project, that jbensonfong comment makes me irrationally angry. 7700 is my group of choice for a d2d road bike… boo.

  • Daaaamn! Someone’s having a good week