DIY: Turn your Sneakers into Clipless Shoes Feb 1, 2010

This thread popped up on the NYC boards this weekend. Catnap was always stoked on the Clipless Gyrizo Nike Dunks. Unfortunately, the price-point was too high for him. To compensate for this, he recently took it upon himself to convert his old Slam City Skates Nike SBs into an SPD-equipped sneaker. How did he do this exactly? Well, you’ll have to head over to his site to read his DIY tutorial.


  • B Davies

    Defeats one of the main reasons to ride clipless – stiffness. These youldn’t do much for you in terms of power, probably even less than cages and straps.

    Also, it seems like they would definitely fail sometime down the line at the worst possible moment (hard braking on your fixie? Trying to take off fast in traffic to avoid getting run over?)

  • I knew a guy who lived on a sailboat who drilled his wingtip leather soled shoes for SPD’s, he would go off-road with them all the time. He was a bit crazy, but he looked dapper…

  • what the fuck would you do that to slam citys?!

  • charles

    i was thinking the same thing on all of the above, and i could understand doing that to some wack shoes but slam cities?!!! jesus.. wish i had dope shoes to ruin left and right.

  • Nick,
    because he wants to make hypebeasts cringe. same reason why i skated all my nike sb dunks.


  • Luke

    Don’t know what’s wrong with ya’ll, but the procedure he has on his tutorial is pretty impressive and actually looks as though it retains many of the benefits of clipless such as ^stiffness.

  • prettyboy

    Nice post, no one really bothers to explain how to do it. Mates of mine have been doing it for years.

    I have a similar set up on a pair of shell toes that a mate did for me to take to Japan. The Idea was I could have a pair if comfy shoes for the trip and be able to go through security at the airport by removing the soles and putting them in the bike box. While not having to lug an extra pair of shoes around.
    They were awesome, Extremely comfortable and plenty stiff enough for riding in. I’ve had Shimano DX’s which stink.
    He took the soles out and shaved them down to fit.
    The perfect balance between comfort and power transfer. The sole plugs into the pedal recess so there is no movement. Have a look.

    And like anything in life, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

    I have a pair of vans warner now, I imagine they would be as good. They’re a BMX race shoe.

    The home made version works just as well, you just need to have an eye for detail.

  • Those are Slam City’s. I would not trust this especially when riding fixed.

  • alheim

    the slam city’s are hideous. i’m glad he chopped them up.

  • thanks for the article and the link, Prolly! I didn’t realize you had put this up until today. Much appreciated, and megalols at hypebeasts upset that I chopped up the Slam Cities. A shoe is meant to be worn! Just like a bike is meant to be ridden. Round two will be a pair of original Pigeons or maybe some Adidas shelltoes from the original colors series. *evil laugh*

  • Great idea. Any shoe can be a cycling shoe.