Death Pedal 2 Premiere Reminder Feb 25, 2010


You’re going, right?

Death Pedal

  • Dear Prolly,
    How the hell do we get to Death Pedal 2? We are in Richmond, and would very much like to go. However, we are not sure if need to buy tickets. There is plenty of info about the event. But not much about the event itself. We also checked Death Pedal 2’s website. There was no information about tickets. Is it free? Do you need to be invited? Please help us.

    Thank You very much.
    Lee Burbage

  • Hell yes! Tonite is the nite!

    This is gonna be so sick!

    Big ups, Kareem!

    The homies in SD wish we could be there. See you at the end of March for the SD premiere.