D.A.M.P. Butterbean Feb 1, 2010

Per from D.A.M.P. bicycles in Stockholm sent me a photo of his new prototype freestyle frame. Called the Butterbean, the bike clears 48c tires and has a curved seattube so you can slam the wheel, making it easier to wheelie. There are still some issues to work out with the bike, but for now, Mårten and Jakob will be testing them out. Keep us updated man!

Mårten & Jakob
Jacob Nose Pivot

  • scissorneck

    gotta get that chain on

  • I knew you’d be the first one to point that out!


  • looks like the affinity cyclone frame. i like the curved seat tube.

  • This looks awesome!

  • Craig

    D.A.M.P link doesn’t work…but looks nice!

  • julio

    are those chrome gussets? niiceeee

  • yeah, I noticed that. It worked before when I posted about them earlier. Weird. It died.

  • Eilif Knutson

    Sweet. Im gonna hold out on getting a new frame till bikes come out with the ability to slam the tire right into the bottom bracket shell come out. More like an artistic cycle geometry meets track/mtb.

  • curved seat tube means more toe overlap

  • No it doesn’t. Usually the BB stays in line with the seat tube (before the curve). A curved seat tube allows you to bring the rear wheel in 2cm or more. With huge tires, it shortens the wheelbase without affecting overlap. I thought it affected overlap at first, until I saw it in CAD.

  • Eilif Knutson

    I think you would have to run 135mm mtb spacing for the rear axle and a 72mm bottom bracket shell to truly slam the larger tires. Would get stronger rear wheels with that too!

  • ct justin

    looks like those old paramounts from the early 70’s with that seat tube