Cult Classic 2 Photos by Matt Lingo Feb 13, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo was at the Cult Classic 2 last night and managed to shoot some great photos. They’re not up on Gatt Photos yet, but Pedal Consumption shared a link to Matt’s Photobucket. I dug these two the most. Congo doing his signature Congo Hop and DJ getting his tabletop on! Check that one out below.

Photo by Matt Lingo

DJ blasting it!

Thanks for sharing guys!

Dan, congrats, it looks like it was a blast!

  • taylor

    Pretty sure it’s DJ doing the table top

  • dj 360’d that thing! shit was off the chain!

  • Dj

    One man wrecking crew

  • GREAT tabletop

  • puckett

    congos air is called a “dead sailor” he calls em barhumps tho.

  • julio

    i want to see more pictures from this sesh!

  • i like calling them cock push ups

  • congo

    im going to call ir DA BRANCO. had a bunch of fun thanks guys!

  • +1 julio