Copper-Plated Bruiser Feb 16, 2010

Travis from Berlin just shot me a photo of his new copper-plated Milwaukee Bruiser. I never thought I’d see something like that done to a Bruiser. Really crazy! I just replied to his email with a link to a patina formula website with hopes that he finds a good mixture to treat his frame with. Did you know you could mix chemicals that form a purple patina? Hrmm….

Looks great Travis!

  • Nutmeg

    Or you could let it oxidize on it’s own…but who wants to do things naturally? That’s just crazy, right?

  • It takes 20 years for copper to patina ‘naturally’. Unless you use ‘natural’ urine and piss on it everyday, then it might take a few months.


  • Andrew

    Damnit John, you just made spit water out my nose.

  • really? did you really pull a piss joke? *facepalm*


  • It’s true man. Chemically anyway.

  • Nutmeg

    True dat, why wait.