Chari & Co: Merckx Alloy Pista in Stock Feb 9, 2010

I’m not usually one to drool over aluminum track frames, much less the modern Eddy Merckx pistas, but this one is really sharp. Chari & Co, the conveyors of endless bike porn, just got it in stock. Looks like a small frame, maybe a 52cm? Definitely compact geometry. No details yet, but it’ll be on their New Arrival section of the site soon enough. Would look great with a matching Faema cap!

  • Not Merckx Monday dude. Get this shit outta here!

  • mattie d

    every day is merckx day. you gotta problem with that, save it for Ocana october.

  • LuLz, My Pal was just kidding…

  • erik

    No he wasn’t!

  • You can actually buy Faema caps new in Belgium for just €5. I bought the Molteni one last year at the Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen.