Campagnolo Mystery Tool Feb 9, 2010

Tracko posted this yesterday and the mystery still lives on. Anyone know the original use for this, before it was turned into a shank? Chainwhip? Pedal wrench? Everyone’s stumped (it’s gotta be a wrench)!

Nice photo nonetheless.

  • Jeremy

    Certainly could be one of the bottom two.

    Image from

  • Craig

    I think Jeremy’s hit the nail on the head, I was just about to post a similar pic from a bikeforums classified. Either way, a pretty classy way to protect yourself from highwaymen…

  • I’ma turn my peanut butter wrench into a six shooter…

  • I read on flwrider it’s a campy wrench filed down to a blade. there’s no grind edge on it so I don’t think its campy original

  • whodevil

    something to do with tubular tires?

  • erik

    a letter opener! just sayin.

  • radicalrye

    cheese knife

  • (I was looking for the image of the spear tip stuck in hellboy)

  • It was a crank arm fixing bolt wrench 15mm aka Peanut butter wrench, also used by track rider for their axle nuts.

  • J

    no way its a pb wrench

  • it looks like a letter opener. i don’t know whether someone made it. maybe campy made a series of letter openers for a special event?

  • I have a set of Campagnolo wrenches as above but mine are all stamped like the top 32mm / bb spanner, so I’m no use here. That shiv would be a good addition to my set, even if not period correct.