Campagnolo Gold-plated Components Feb 9, 2010

Photo by Velo Cult

When you say gold hubs or gold cranks nowadays, you’re usually greeted with rolling eyes, or maybe a facepalm. This wasn’t always the case. Back in the 80’s some Campy enthusiasts went through the trouble of gold-plating some Campagnolo components; like this pump head. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t anodizing. This is real gold.

Velo Cult just so happens to have some beautiful photographs of these parts. Check the rest out on the Velo Cult blog!

  • J

    Im really surprised there is no mention of the 50th anniversary group here…

  • There. 50th…

    These components weren’t part of the 50th group. They were custom-plated by some people in the 80’s.

  • J

    Yea, I caught that, just thought it was an obvious parallel, sorry…