Bro Mags: Empire’s Final Teaser Feb 2, 2010

Empire‘s just posted their final teaser. It’s a trimmed-down edit from last year’s Bicycle Film Festival. Hopefully you caught the full version at the BFF, but if you didn’t here’s your chance.

Empire Begins

  • vin-E


  • julio

    this looks awesome! cro-mags!

  • I love Yatika’s face after the no-handed skitch.

  • the cro mags was so sick, and the fakie ride in the traffic was such a perfect addition!

  • The Revival

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see this!

  • JLN

    Any idea when this is going to be released as full film?

  • nutmeg

    just makes you love ny

  • Dima

    0:50 second, Intense!

  • david
  • Yes, I read Bike Snob too.

  • Taylor

    I bet at least two of those guys will be dead before they’re 30.

    Regardless, that was SICK.