Bmore Fixed: Nose Bonk at the Park Feb 3, 2010

Photo by Keith Teket

Keith from Bmore Fixed has a few photos up on the blog from today’s sesh at their local park. Looks like a great spot to ride. Flat rails, quarters, banks. Not bad. Where the hell is it? I’ve never seen that in Baltimore when I’ve gone. Anyway, check out the rest of the photos here.

  • Jon

    falls and 36th in hampden. Its a relatively new spot. its really sick for skateboarding because its all junk. (Thats a good thing). Eventually its supposed to be a cement park.

  • Erin

    Keith Teket is typically the photographer responsible for all the shots that come out of Bmore Fixed…

  • I rode this park the day before i went to MWM, i will be gong back to film there and the streets of Baltimore for the online video EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

  • awesome! Jeremiah (from holdfast) is the rider. I however dont exist. thanks for the post!

  • Oh shit, that is Jeremiah! I gotta get used to seeing him riding in Bmore now. :-(

  • ha ha! miss you too buddy!