Blog Introduction: Slumworm Feb 18, 2010

Photo by Slumworm

I was trying to figure out where Jeffy’s photo submission to the New Bike for a New Year Contest came from. Finally, the photographer posted his blog on Trick Track. His blog is called Slumworm. He’s based in SF and I cannot find his real name anywhere. Slumworm covers fixed gears, dsco funk, art, web design and motion graphics. Be sure to check it out for a ton of photos from his rides with friends. Here’s the entry containing the photo of Jeffy. Looks like it’s winning the contest so far!

Nice stuff man! Keep it up!

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  • Haha, funny thing is, I didn’t even know until yesterday morning when Slumworm called me..I’m usually on everyday, but I was in a pretty bad accident on the 14th, and didn’t get around to checking. So yeah, sorry for the delayed photo cred. But im just stoppin by to say whats up and introduce myself.

  • My real name is Matt Reyes. Slumworm was a nickname given to me a few years back. Not gunna lie, Im pretty stoked to finally see my work on sites other than just mine. If you’re ever gunna be in the city riding around, lemme know.