Bikes in the Winter: Stayin’ Salty Feb 12, 2010

Steady stayin’ salty. That’s the shitty thing about snow in cities. You wash your bike off each night and the next day, it’s a salty mess again. It’s usually not an issue for aluminum frames, but a steel bike (with a steel drivetrain) can get crusty. I usually overhaul the bb and cranks once a week to keep everything in working condition.

Last weekend, when I switched to a LSD / LHD, I got to adjust the new Profile Outboard BB cups. Pretty clever design. You simply set the bearings in the cups for whatever spacing you need. On a fixed gear, I run the drive-side slammed to the bearing and the non-drive with one cone spacer. This makes for a decent q-factor. Just make sure you install the BB tube spacer and shims when doing so or you’ll get a bit of pedal resistance!

Left Hand Drive Bruiser

  • does this count as a drive side photo?

  • hah. I flipped it so you could see the cups / salt.

  • Rui

    You could get a beater for commuting in the shit.

  • That is my beater!

  • mattie d
  • Stillen

    Can you run a 5 1/4 spindle with this set up or do you need something a little longer?

  • Meic

    The advantage to the pacific northwest. When it does snow once a year they don’t salt the roads. Sucks for cars but not that much worse for a bike.

  • Rui

    Well well, not all of consider bruisers with profile drives beaters. Haha

  • nate sc

    there’s like 5 inches of snow in columbia, sc!!! most I can remember ever, and I’ve lived here my whole life.

    the thing is, since it never snows the city doesn’t have any plows/salters, so the roads are totallly retarded. bad for cars, but no salt on my bike.

  • Mattie, I use fenders….


  • i leave my bike in the back of my truck every day, and it gets rained on pretty bad so instead of salt mines is rust.


    ps. i’ve never seen snow in my life

  • phil

    who has time to overhaul their bb once a week?? you must have 34 hours in your day

  • If it is a beater you shouldn’t be overhauling the bb more than once a year.

  • guys, overhauling a BB on an alloy spindle with alloy cranks is one thing. Overhauling steel cranks like Profiles is easy and takes 10 minutes and keeps it rolling smoothely. It’s a beater as in it’s the bike I spend the most time on and that I care the least about. Doesn’t mean it’s a piece of shit rust bucket.

    Snark snark snark snark snark snark snark snark snark.

  • i just take my bike to one of those self service car washes at gas stations. $2.50 gets me 2 min of wax and rinse. yeah, i am with phil. How do you find time to overhaul once a week?

  • j

    when you “overhaul”, explain yourself specifically please. your not getting the crank tool out and removing the arms every time are you?

  • I’m not sure what would look better on a Tee. “That is my beater!” or “Snark, snark, snark…” This whole thread cracked me up. Online banter = awesome.

  • there’s no crank tool with profiles. There’s a hammer.

  • Jimbo

    I wonder if that guy on Dirty Jobs gets poop in his bb?

  • lol im with B. Taylor, this thread is awesome lol overhauling isnt that hard or time consuming. but some people dont have time to take care of there bikes, i understand . yes to awesome online banter. blah blah blah

  • Fuck that. It takes me 3 hours. I run my Euro BBs loose ball and pack the shell with Nutella. By the end of the week, ants have made nests in my bike and I have to boil it in Jameson Whiskey to kill them all.

  • im guessing thats not true…

  • andrew

    keep your bike outside if you can. in a porch or fire escape. that way that shit can melt into your bike over and over.

  • Sab, you can stop trying to comment. I use a fender. Get off your high-horse and get a life.

  • j

    thats what i meant prolly. so you can really remove profile crank arms AND re-pack bearings in 10 min.? please put up a how-to on TT. it takes me a full half hour of beating the “crank tool” with a 3 lb. hammer just to remove the arms.

  • wade

    just saw these on a FB ad:
    gotta think that all they do is create a place for the shit to collect, not “protect”
    and look dorky ….

  • tim
  • I just use the crank bolt and a hammer

  • dwain

    Using a hammer and a crank bolt is as pointless as overhauling your bb once a week.

  • ugh. fuck it. comments closed.