Area Cycles Rider Jakob Santos Feb 23, 2010

Area Cycles Rider Jakob Santos “Day nd Night” Edit from Area Cycles on Vimeo.

Another edit from the Castro Valley-repping Area Cycles riders. This one has some of the same spots as the 11 Before Almost 24 Hours edit. Good riding and the last trick is a banger. Nice one man!

  • Ted

    that bike fits.

  • Eilif Knutson

    I like that style, not very polished but going for the bangers.

  • Danny Smith

    I glad Area Cycle got some good riders that I Minus D couldn’t get, finally a good spot in the south bay. I Minus D is closer to my house but I rather go to Area a support a real shop!

  • damn im glad you feel that way danny thanks

  • Sam

    This kid got a lot of potential. I actually like that it’s not polished. Nice edit.

  • BenPup

    i dont like his style much except for that huge 180 at the end.

  • dang, puttin that butter on the popcorn!

  • uh oh… Someone’s throwin a little salt toward IMinusD. Can’t wait to see what happens with this. Internet Feud!!!!!