All-City Nature Boy Cyclocross Bike Feb 22, 2010


All-City just posted some more photos (which we saw earlier on their Flickr) of their new SS / Fixed Cyclocross bike called the Nature Boy (If I have to explain the reference, you get smacked). Looks bad ass! Internal cable routing, big-tire clearance and the All-City signature track ends. Just one question for ya Jeff, when are the All-City mudguards, aka “the Bushwackers” coming out?

Check out more photos of the Nature Boy here, at the All-City blog.

  • C

    looks very legit, great price too!

  • Robot

    Price for frameset: MSRP $540

    Yeah, I just wish I could get one now!

  • seriously

  • alex

    looks nice. with all the details they put into the frame, like hidden fender mounts, it is pretty stupid they put unmachined rims on a bike with cantis. gives credence to that video.

  • Spencer

    That’s hot!

  • jeff Frane

    the wheels serve several purposes

    one: they look hot for show

    two: I’ve heard of dudes running brakes on B43’s, and I’m curious to find out myself whether or not that is actually a reasonable course of action

    Three: we have a tight relationship with the Velocity bro’s and wanted to show the bike with deep rims, but stay true to our bro allegiances.

    It also has a carbon crank that you’d never want to run fixed gear, but is setup with a fixed cog.

    baby pop it’s just a show bike, y so srs?

  • they just put the b43s on for looks. it is a display bike. but it is sorta stupid.

  • dpow

    Stopped by the All City booth many, many times this weekend to check out this bike. It is bad ass. I will seriously consider one in the fall. For the money, it is a great bike. Simple. Very nice looking. Oh, and the Velocity booth was right next door, so the two booths blended seemlessly. The bike would also look damn sweet with a set of carbon tubulars.

  • OMG! Hell yeah!
    sign me up All City!
    Need a team rider?

  • Too bad the spacing isn’t mentioned. I don’t like the 120MM width. I prefer 130 or 135Mm, as that makes a stronger wheel. I guess that detail will be supplied later?

  • Santiago Belmont

    i really like all of their bikes, specially this one, im deff getting but where can i get em?

  • DBR

    according to QBP it’s gonna be 130 spaced, so you can rest easy.

    I WANT it, but have all my bikes pretty much locked.

  • Ok, what shop was that photo taken in!!? looks awesome.