AJ Austin Bar in the Pool Feb 13, 2010

Photo by Chris Lee

AJ sent me a drunken email last night with a bunch of jumbled text and this photo. I think what he was trying to say is “hey Prolly, we shot this yesterday, do you mind putting it up?” but instead it came out all garbled in Texas slang with some mention of a Ledar. Is that like a Liger dude?

Anyway, to add to the post, I’ve included a video of AJ with long hair below.

Yes, that is the AJ Austin we all know and love singing. A long-haired ginger. Scary!

Have a great Saturday guys!

  • AJ

    lol i dont even remember sending you an email. i cant escape that band. musical choices made at 18…. ah well could be worse, could’ve liked dub step

  • such a good photo,
    such a good red beard.

  • xChris Leex

    Thanks Mike!
    Here is the link to the flickr version:

    I’m guessing AJ sent you the one off of facebook judging by the washed out colors.

    Thanks John!

  • sick flick!