AJ and Puckett: Sunday in Austin Feb 7, 2010

Here’s an edit from Third Coast’s finest riders; AJ Austin and Eric Puckett. Just a real quick video from a spot they found this weekend. Puckett kinda just floats mid-air and AJ takes a spill!

For a few photos, check below.

Photo by Chris Topherlee

Photo by Chris Topherlee

Rad shots! Third Coast, as always, is killing it!

  • puckett

    gay edit.

  • dickface

    that spot is in vevy fucking skate video and bmx video. no one found that, people have been shreding there since the 90’s.

  • Way to be a dick over a word-usage. I should have said “RODE” not “FOUND”. Eat me.

  • aj

    no spot in Austin is new, people have been riding 5 hip and other spots like it for years. watch the last two mutiny videos and you see a million “famous” spots. lighten up son.

  • CP

    I spent every weekend for a half a year at a house that’s a five minute walk from there and everytime I’d walk by it I would think about how the day would come that somebody would post a fixed video filmed at that spot. I’m glad that today is that day