A First Look at the Charge Freezer Feb 11, 2010

Nick from Charge Bikes ( @Chargebikes ) shot me over some photos of their new prototype CX bike called the Freezer. Dressed in SRAM Red, with an Easton carbon fork, rolling on deep-profile Hope Hoops RS-SP carbon race wheels with A. Dugast tubulars mounted, this bike is set to spit some mud and grass in 2011.

Check out some more sexy shots below.

Not a bad looking bike. Someone get on that thing and dirty up that white bar tape! Production will tentatively begin in 2010 for a 2011 release. For up-to-date news on all things Charge, follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for sending those photos over Nick!

  • Russell

    Damn! That thing looks hot!

  • chris

    serious business!

  • quality, they have kinda of a moots feel to them on the cheapish

  • why tubulars on a CX bike?

  • A few reasons, one of which being that you can run them at a very low PSI and not get a pinch flat. Dugast tires are renown in the CX world for being a great piece of rubber…

  • If it was single speed I’d ride it…

  • …but you’ve already got a SS CX bike!

  • owen

    i could use one of those right now.

  • C

    this nails the coffin. cyclocross is the new tarck biek

  • No because CX requires actual effort and some form of experience in competitive sports. Most people riding “track” or “tarck” are doing it casually. I don’t think CX will replace the “tarck”. That’s what touring bikes are for.

  • C

    you obviously haven’t seen many Cat4 CX fields

  • that’s a hot looking ‘cross bike, don’t know how i’d feel about racing with the double tap shifters though.

  • A, B and D.

    C wins.

  • You guys obviously haven’t seen who rides “tarck” bikes in my neighborhood…

  • E = F = G

    all u quit bitching. prolly’s right in one regard and you 4 letters are right in another. people who pick up a track bike because it is cool or hip are less likely to pick up cx for the same reason. people who pick up a track bike after riding mtb or roadies are more likely to pick up a cx bike. doesnt mean cx is the new track bike. it means people get over fads and look to new fads for their temporary fun.

    the real question is what will the fadseekers pick up after cx season is over. there track bikes again?

  • Is it steel or Ti?

  • That’s it, I’m selling my Bruiser to buy a CX bike.

  • Just make your bruiser a SS CX bike!! Or hell, maybe the that’s the way to get all those ‘tarck’ kids in the w-burg into CX!! Fixed cyclocross!! Ha. That’d be the day..

  • Someone did that:

    And Dwain does it fixed:

    CX has the potential to be bigger in America than other cycling sports. It’s very spectator-friendly and can be thrown anywhere. We’ll see what NYC does in the future. SI and NJ races seem to be doing well. But not as well as Portland races (of course).

  • so, you already have like 5 road bikes…

  • 2…



  • Old and broken

    I raced a Super Cup event in ’97 on a fixed gear and got mean looks from Jed Fox. Who’s laughing now, Jed?

  • regardless of your feelings toward CX being hip or hipstery … http://www.usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=4646

    that’s pretty swell i think.