700cmx Interviews Tyler Johnson Feb 1, 2010

Photo by Zach Hoffner

700cmx has posted up an interview with Tyler Johnson. When I first saw it late last night, I chuckled to myself, recalling what Tyler said in his WRAHW interview earlier last year. Not that I’m giving Tyler a hard time, but I remember how he said he didn’t like the look of 700cmx bikes and now, he’s on a 700cmx website. Funny stuff. Hey, people’s opinion change and Tyler’s ripping on dual 700c wheels now with big tires. Big ups to him. Be sure to check out the interview, it’s really informative and Zach’s photos look great. Travis, keep it up!

700cmx Interviews Wonka
WRAWH Interviews Tyler Johnson

  • tyler johnson

    thanks for the post john. My opinions have changed mainly due to the fact that I have other bikes to ride now, before i just had the one, and didnt want to run big tires etc on it. I wanted it to be fast as well. I totally understand why people have like 50 bikes. One for each specific style of riding!

  • Yeah, there are days that I don’t want to ride my Bruiser. I ride my road bike then. Helps you keep your legs fresh too.