4416 Riding in London Feb 17, 2010

4416_Riding In London from 44/16 on Vimeo.

4416 put together a quick edit of Tony, Tom, Chris Delia and the 14 Bike Co. / Fixed Gear London crew riding in a friend’s warehouse. Chris’ rock walk over the box, Tom’s hop bars off the box and pedal grinds to 180’s are nice. Last trick’s a banger! Good little edit and even better rainy day spot! Wish we had something like that in BK!

One more thing, check out photos of Chris’ Identiti Persona here, at his blog. Or if you’re lazy, check one out below.

His Identiti Persona is painted creamsicle orange with a white fork and purple accents. Dig the lights too.

Identiti Persona
Identiti FFX Forks

  • looks like Christopher got some trial bike skils

  • chris

    Yeah, i’ve been riding trials for about 8 years. Started riding fixed about 2 and a half years ago.

  • are those identiti frames available yet?



  • on what? the Identiti? Yeah, they do look a little similar to the Scissor.

    But not close enough to call it “stealing”.

  • lloyd T

    especially as the track ends are ID designed… and incorporate the Taper Lock system…
    (which avoids the need for chain tugs to stop the wheel pulling forwards under drive torque…)

  • chris

    Identiti frames aren’t available yet, should be ready in time for spring/summer.