2010 Colnago Saronni Red Master Pista Feb 3, 2010

Photo by Brick Lane Bikes

When I first saw this at Brick Lane Bikes, I thought it was a NOS Master Pista. Nope. It’s a 2010 Colnago Master Pista in Saronni Red. Not bad for a re-issue. Here’s a little back-story on the significance of the color.

Giuseppe Saronni won the Giro d’Italia in 1979. He then went on to win the 1982 World Championships in Goodwood, England on a red Colnago. From that point on, it was referred to as Saronni Red. Later, he went on to win another Giro d’Italia victory in 1983. After the World Championship victory, Ernesto kept the bike for his private collection.

So I guess you could say you’re owning a piece of history with these bikes? Beautiful.

  • Wilis

    Drilled fork?!


    They shoulda gone flat crown. The drilling is a liability thing.

  • tony

    haha ‘they’ you mean Mr Colnago.hell what does he know about building frames.chuh!

  • Um. The original Saronni’s had a flat crown. Just saying. Since Colnago’s signature was the staight-blade fork, I think this bike would look a lot better with the flat crown. Just my opinion…

    FWIW, I also don’t like the early 90’s Merckx re-issues because they ditched the flat-crowns for sloping crowns.

  • eva

    I have a colnago bike,I believe it is the 1983 colnago super saronni,but am not sure,How can I find out? It does say inelli 64-40,please help,what do you think is the value?