Yu from Osaka Jan 18, 2010

Yu from OSAKA from -xxxPHOENIX.xxx- on Vimeo.

I noticed Yu’s new riding style in the last Shiba Friday edit and was going to wait and see if anyone else picked up on it. He’s totally digging Wonka’s style and has almost perfected his emulation of it. It’s really eerie watching this short video since I spend a lot of time around Wonka. It’s clear who influenced him; minus a few nuances, like the fakie riding and the execution of the grinds. The forward sliders, nose pivots to half cabs and the hop bars look almost identical to Wonka’s. Yu’s gettin’ it in, that’s for sure! Strong riding from Osaka!

Shot by Phoenix.

  • whoa, i also kinda thought the same thing when i watched the shiba, especially when he’s him riding the kilroy, it kind of stands out. but then again who are we to judge how one rides his bike? no hate intended, in fact i love the style

  • Oh I wasn’t hating at all. Look at ANY sport. Some riders have their own flavor and others are influenced by it. No hate here.

  • Yu is sooooo sick~
    his blog :http://fixhi.tumblr.com/

  • random

    He can fakie though….