Yu Bank Blastin’ Jan 28, 2010

Photo by Hayashi Yuzo

At first, I thought this shot was a flat hop. Then I saw the others and realized there’s a small bank giving Yu a lil’ boost. Regardless, he’s tucked up pretty high. Great photo too.

Yu with Gorilla
YU from Osaka on a Kilroy
Yu from Osaka

  • sick photo.

  • kelly

    prollz if you never linked your sources no one would know where to look. i saw this here first and then everyone else posted it and no one linked you. doesnt that irk you?

  • Kelly, I mean, since it’s not 100% original content, I don’t think I can get mad. It’s a little frustrating sometimes when, say, a friend emails me something that they JUST posted and no one links back to me. Because then they get linked back 1000 times, but whatever. It’s the nature of the beast.