Whip Skid Gone Wrong Jan 7, 2010

2010/01/01.02初日の出&初詣&・・・ from tani on Vimeo.

Man. I was not expecting this. The video starts off all fun and happy with a bunch of dudes having a good time in a park. There’s bailing on nose mannies (wearing a new Keep Watch hat too!), grinding and riding through the city. While riding on the street, one of the guys does a whip skid and well, you’ll have to watch it.

As Tracko would say “WEAR A HELMET”

Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! Nasty!

  • just1question

    Prolly, why u dont use a helmet?

  • I wear a helmet every day. I won’t leave my house without it. Commuting in the city is dangerous as hell and I wouldn’t ride without one.

    BUT. That being said, I usually don’t wear one while riding ‘freestyle’. I guess I need a Bern or something for ‘trick’ riding, because a $300 Giro isn’t ideal for it.

    It’s been a conflict I’ve had for a while; not wearing a helmet while riding…

  • Can you say reality check!

  • bigst00pidf4g

    lolpwnt, if you can’t whip it, don’t skip it. get err brake. helmet won’t hurt either.

  • jakerock

    Looks like those doods are as retarded as anyone…
    Laughing and goofing around while ‘ol headbern lies there. What dicks!

  • chris.v from cali

    “nose pivot gone wrong”

  • rand0m

    Looks like he just slid out whipping too hard. And his friends weren’t really being dicks. They were trying to make light of the situation while the paramedics came. There’s not much more they could do.

  • Gordon

    ^ Sure, they were laughing, but assuming you don’t know Japanese, you don’t know what they were laughing about. You saw the one dude calling the ambulance. What did you expect the other guys to do besides just hang out?

  • Yeah, I guess it was a nose-pivot. Looked like a whip skid at first…

    Guys, be nice too. Come on.

  • dont like wearing helmets but i like my head more, for the last year i
    haven’t been rock the helmet to much but have been thinking recently after
    having a friend get seriously hurt riding with out one. so now will and do
    always wear my helmet when riding any style/type of bicycle no matter how
    bad it looks lol.
    prolly id recommend a protect or bern there both nice “trick” helmets,
    cause yeah when you smash your giro it sucks to replace it. ive got a
    protect and need a new giro.

    not sure if he had a helmet on but check this over at massans blog (taxi
    cars suck)

  • No disrespect to people that choose not to wear a helmet, but I always feel like I can go harder when i am wearing one. I commute and trick in mine.

  • Dinosaur

    @ jakerock
    First off, his friend runs over to him asking him if he is okay. Sounded to me like he had a pretty big sense of urgency in his voice to begin with. So for you to say his friends are retarded is ignorant. If you don’t know what they are saying, don’t even comment.