Volume Bikes Thrasher Fork Jan 9, 2010

In what seems to be a never-ending flow of new fixed products, Volume just posted a pic of the new Thrasher fork on their site. With 405 atc and a nice tapered profile these forks are really looking good! Bike’s looking sick too.

  • Craig

    I think the second link may be to the wrong part of the right page…it takes me to a comment box on blogspot.

  • niccce foorke i saw the thraser today… Sick! But nem pro is kinda wacckk sure i have one but….. 1/8 geo? yes….bike….?1/8 bikes niccccce!

  • YOUNGmel

    aye where can i get thid frame or what website can i order it from cus it aint on volume