VAGX Urban Rucksack Jan 6, 2010


I love backpacks. That’s no secret. Before I got my current pack, I was using Manhattan Portage’s Ballistic Backpack. I still have it, but I don’t use it as much as I used to. The size is perfect for me and like many people, I don’t find messenger bags comfortable.

Korean porter company, VAGX has just posted images of their own Rucksack to their webstore, F.L.A.M. It looks pretty nice. Similar detailing to the MP Ballistic, but made from Cordora 610D instead of nylon, which is an improvement in my opinion. More information below.

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The Rucksack comes in four colors and of course, I liked the purple one the most.

Product specs: Cordura 610D / Nylon Rip-Stop 210D / Woojin Plastic 25mm Hook / Woojin Plastic 25mm Buckle / YKK No.8 Coil Zipper / 25L capacity

Price: ₩129,000 or $114 USD + $40 shipping.

VAGX is stepping their game up! Can’t wait to see what else they come up with.


  • Gordon

    I’m pretty sure I saw someone riding today with one of these. $40 shipping… lolwut?

  • Dag

    A backpack from VAGX? Sounds more like treatment for a yeast infection.

  • The MP Ballistic is definitely the best bag I’ve ever owned. Been using it for many months and it’s still like new.

  • frisco

    this brand is fagged ass

    their roll top was almost same with sag

  • supportsf

    this brand is fagged

    their first roll top was almost same with sag

  • @Gordon: It’s high because the shipping is from South Korea.

    @Prolly: Shipping is for the item + item shipping cost + shipment cost so it’s actually $114 + $35 + $40. And that’s a lot, even for a purple Cordura rucksack.

  • cass_kee

    dont care what yall say its prolly the coolest pack iv seen in a while. ordering today. the only thing it needs is a mishka patch. holla

  • @ patrick how did you get the extra 30$ for shipping?

  • CM

    So is this bag/ Cordura 610D waterproof?