Tim Kainu’s Mystery Photo Jan 8, 2010

Photo by Tim Kainu

What is going on here? Is there a kicker or a ledge we’re not seeing or is this guy really hopping that high? Anyone got some answers? Even the other angle doesn’t show anything. Talk to me people!

  • That’s at a skatepark coming out of a bank.

  • Chris

    :D ha Prolly that is me :D air off ramp

  • gus

    well from looking at the other photos it looks like he is blasting off the bank over the jersey.

  • Haha, sorry about that guys! I should have composed it a little better so you could see the ramp/bank he was going off of. I put up the un-cropped one here:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4257350228/

    to hopefully show a little bit more.

  • lord lasagna

    either way he has a helmet on so it doesnt count

  • jeremy

    The uncropped one is nice. Love the shadow the wheels making. Nice shot

  • jerm

    he’s actually falling off the roof of the building behind him.

  • Chris Smith DPH

    I was in a skatepark that required a helmet !

  • lord lasagna

    helmet rules dont apply to real g’s

  • ario

    I have to agree with lasagna. Helmets are for boys, concussions and broken skulls are for men.

  • Ha!

  • Chris Smith DPH

    I am calling out Lasagna Lets see your bank hop photo :P .

  • lord lasagna

    no problems with helmets. but homie is 2 feet off the ground hahahahah…. lames

  • You didn’t spend much time in parks did you? I saw the worst falls when people launch out of banks and quarters. Shit, I remember taking a nasty spill at the Skate Barn down in NC when I was 16, doing something I’ve done 100 times. If I didn’t have a helmet, I would have been fucked.

  • Chris Smith DPH

    That Homie is me! I’ve cracked my head enough to know that wearing a helmet is worth it . Rather not have to pay another medical bill :D .I guess wearing a helmet makes jumping over a barrier easier :D Holler @ me Lasagna when you get that photo.