The X Men: NYC’s Rogue Bike Messengers Jan 20, 2010

These guys are legendary. The X Men were a group of messengers who rode mountain bikes around NYC in the early 90’s. They became infamous in NYC as they tore through the streets, skitching on cabs and buses. Their predecessor, by almost 12 years, Joey Joe, went on to influence the messenger comic, Messenger 29, in the late 90’s and sculpted the X Men persona.

I just came across these magazine clippings on the X Men and thought I’d post them. Also check out the bootleg Youtube clip that documented their riding through the streets and parks of NYC.

Check out Joey’s skitch at the 4:40 mark along with a pretty great strings of quotes that are best to be heard from the man himself. Definitely watch this if you haven’t seen it already.

These scans are awesome. Great photos.

  • dontcoast

    Is joyeyjoe the same guy as joey love, the ex x-man who was working chicago in the early 2000’s ? Same style helmet for sure. Guy ‘s a hero to me, climbed streets grabbing
    cars like gibbons in trees. Respect.

  • Ryan

    rad to the power of dope

  • tristan

    want it translated?

  • tristan,

    If you’d like to, I’d be so stoked. I know it’s a lotta work though!


    You are correct!

  • I love this doc.

  • I remember guys in philly back in 92-93 emulating them, one of them got pulled under a trash truck. Ugly story, scared me enough to ride smart…

  • dfl

    Holy shit. One of my friends was on a library run from his office today and I pulled him into X-Men watch-my-bike/hold-my-coffee action on a couple of runs, then broke down the Youtube vid to the new chimp at work. I remember seeing it back in the 90’s on Hard Copy or Inside Edition, whenever it first broadcasted. Perfect post!


    “Yeah i wear protective gear, and its not a costume it serves a purpose, the purpose is safety. I gotta handsome face i wanna keep it.”

    holy shit this is best thing ive seen maybe in a year. im surprised there was never a shitty drama/action movie based off it.

  • ez

    There was a shitty sitcom that borrowed their style.

    It was “Double Rush”. It stars David Arquette. It wasn’t picked up. (1994, I think.)

    I’m not kidding.

  • Yep. I’ve seen that. Funny stuff!

  • Hey Prolly

    X-men was back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, one of them is still out there, at least in 2005!

    Ask “Fast” Eddie Williams or Squid for more info, they know more details, there was also Vicky, cool and tuff chick, she works at R&A cycles in Brooklyn

    Ride Safe

  • c.williams

    Amazing post.

    I love seeing Dee’s interview on how he things their unsafe, as well as hearing Steve The Greek talk about how “they weren’t even in puberty when Joey Joe was doing what he was doing”.

    Favorite post by far!

  • caleb

    Anyone ever seen Dee on a bike? I’m sure he thinks all bicycles are dangerous…
    Anyone know where to watch the whole documentaey?

  • benoyte

    Great article !
    It comes from an old French MTB magazine called VTT Mag back in the 90’s, pic are from their US correspondat Gilles Mingasson.

    At the same moment French VSD did a similar article with even greater pictures ! But i’m unable to find it anymore, if anybody from Canada or France has it in its closets…

    I translated it a while ago in English, I will post it here

  • ;)

  • skidrow

    Its all about being original! these dudes kept it real to themselves