The Chain Gang Kids Jan 21, 2010


Kinda crazy to think of a fixed gear crew in New Zealand. When I think of New Zealand, I think of Dead Alive, not track bikes (sorry, I had to!). The Chain Gang Kids is a collective of sorts; a few dudes who ride fixed and live in Auckland City, New Zealand. Check their blog out when you’ve got time. Good guys!

  • Cheers man!

  • ash

    yeah nz stezz

  • Kenny

    Cheers for the support!!

  • Dope!

  • Ron

    Rad, good to see NZ steppin’ up.

  • Bub

    I was in Auckland a couple years back and I was really surprised I didn’t see more fixies, it seems like a rad city to ride in, good hills and a good vibe. Glad to see these Jafas taking advantage:)