Shiba Friday 01.15 Jan 16, 2010

Shiba Friday 2010 1.15 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.

Toku wheelie 180’s, Kai wheelie carves, some dude on a Gorilla ripping, Nasty with some lonnnnng sliders and a clean two wheel skid.

Do not miss the last trick. NICE NASTY!. Shiba Friday has officially rung in the new year!

Shiba Friday 11.27

  • The first legitimate tuck no hander from flat that was recorded, first long slider (which from a photo that i saw, i knew he was busting them), and a clean rail grind, Nasty shreds it!

  • Sam Miller did tuck no handers in BLS2 if I’m not mistaken. Pics are around from that too.

  • tayski

    hfwido, why did you abondon your meme? you over it? come back please. post as hfwido again.

    good point prolly. i forgot about that pic. sam was ahead of the time like la marche. you should have posted all the pics from that night.

  • that dude is Yu, our boy in Tokyo. Can’t wait to see more.