Sexysushi: Hi Tom Jan 3, 2010

Photo by Eisuke Sekiguchi

Luckily for us, Sexysushi had no plans for these photos and uploaded them to his Flickr. Two shots; a big ten and a transfer. The second pic is below.

Photo by Eisuke Sekiguchi

Nice shots as always man! You really need to put out a book…

  • Danny

    Those are some good shots. Hope to see more air like this in 2010.
    Kind of looks like the big ten was a transfer to that bank. Either way shits gnar.

  • They are both transfers. He hops into the wall. Sick stuff.

  • sexysushi

    Thanks John and Happy new year.

    Book will be nice, if I can get support.
    my photos exist because, all these kids
    are constantly pushing it.

    hope to do more for the 2010.