Save the Banks Edit Jan 28, 2010

BANKS JAM from y.arava on Vimeo.

Really awesome video from last weekend’s Save the Banks Jam. Arava‘s videos are really beautiful and this edit captures the epicness that is the Brooklyn Banks.

Fuel TV’s “Save the Brooklyn Banks” Jam

  • mister_e_

    sweet video

  • Holy crap this is so sweet! It really gives a good perspective on how great of a spot its been.

  • Vas

    i heard he’s an intern for create2destroy, but what do i know :)

  • tim

    sick Yoni! vid looks amazing.

  • Vas

    check out for some serious big wheel hate. that site is too funny :)

  • I’ll pass!

  • crihs

    video looks awesome. :51 was crazy…

  • Vas

    seriously. i’m not even sure why they posted this vid if its so big bike heavy. i guess they just want more shit to hate on

  • keith teket

    those videos are amazing…

  • Marty

    Tres Cool

  • doodman cool

    what were those larger bikes? mtn? atb? trial?

  • Vas

    technically they are “MOUNTAIN BIKES” – we call them big bikes