Sacrilegious Milwaukee Bruiser Jan 3, 2010

As I was heading back from riding with Ed Glazar today (more on that later) I swung by Calvary Cemetary in Queens. I’ve ridden by it 100 times and never actually went inside, at least not through this entrance. While inside, I snapped a few pics of my matte black Bruiser. Check some more pics out and a built list below.

Milwaukee wanted my Bruiser that I took to Tokyo to have it in the shop. It had a lot of character and it’ll look cool up on the wall. I kept the fork, but wanted to change it up a bit. The intention was to make it more of a dripping wax or corpse paint look, but then I realized it just looks like a Krink ad. I still dig it and can’t wait for it to get beaten up a bit.

Full build list:
-Large Production Milwaukee Bruiser frameset
Syncros stem
Chris King black Sotto Voce headset
Truvativ bars
ODI Longneck grips
Profile Race cranks
-36t Tree Lite sprocket (copper-plated)
-14t Dura Ace cog
KMC chain
Odyssey Twisted PC pedals
Hold Fast FRS
-36h Velocity Chukkers 4x to Profile hubs (rear not shown)
Specialized Hemisphere 38c tires
Thomson elite post and Turbo re-issue saddle

Some more pics are up here on my Flickr, including a few of the tire clearance with a 39c tire.

  • This looks insane John. Who did the fork!?

  • I did homie. There’s a lil something carved into the fork crown too.

  • scissorneck

    u know i dig those paint moves!

  • Diggin that metal fork!

  • Tom Briggs

    Sick John that looks so awesome!

  • lukemc

    sick bike!
    Thanks for listing the measurements with a caliper; it pisses me off when companiessay it’ll clear “some 42c’s” or whatever.
    They need to be definitive!

  • scary black! Prolly how many tooth and what cog you have in your Bruiser?

  • 36:14

    I had 36:13 on, but with all the snow and shit we’ve been having, decided to go with a better ratio.

  • thanks. I think about 36:14 in my bike cause I want put on bmx cranks and Stolen Engagement Sprocket (it’s available in 36z in Poland). but is this not to slow? now I ride 42:16 so it’s 2,625 and I don’t need bigger ratio than this. I rode on 2,88 and 2,8 and this wasn’t good for me. how is this 36:14?


    it’s all about preference.

  • yeah right, it’s true. I just want to know how you feel on that. I know that I have to check by myself. I use my bike for tricks and city ride. I just can’t ask somebody here. we don’t have fixed trick scene yet and it’s not quite simple in Poland spend 300$ for new parts that I want to my bike cause it is best to learn pedal grind or something else that need strong bmx parts. and not everything is available. we have only 4 professional bmx shop in whole country and we have only volume bikes in here from fixed trick bikes. I will choose that 36:14 or 39:15. thanks for link.

  • That fork is incredible.

    Do want !

  • Great Pic dude. Dark as hell.

  • satan!

  • Daniele Arduini

    hey, doesn’t that seat post look a little bit bent? ..or maybe just picture distortion?
    anyway nice fork