RVA Fixed Throwback Splash Page Jan 11, 2010

The new RVA Fixed splash page brings me back to when the internet was just picking up steam in the “extreme sports” days. All the old skateboarding, punk, hardcore and surfing websites had a splash page with a midi-track playing in the background. Pretty good. Yes, I just listened to the whole thing. Hey, I like Sabbath, what can I say?

  • I listened to it twice. :D I love that kind of 8 bit style music.

  • Vas

    is that shot from that vid you posted recently? he didnt actually land any of those in that…

  • Ronnie

    Vas, I’m pretty sure all that was just extra stuff from filming for bls4, and I’m pretty sure he has landed it cause they sent their footage in awhile ago, and I doubt he would just send them a bunch of footy of him not landing anything.

  • Vas

    good point :)