RVA Fixed: Mid-West Mayhem Edit Jan 28, 2010

MIDWEST MAYHEM | RVAFIXED EDIT from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Richmond Fixed just put up their edit from the Mid-West Mayhem. Really dope edit Mike! I wanna go back this weekend!

  • Great edit. Great times. Let’s just do this every weekend. I’d be down.

  • JeffPuckett

    best quote:

    “don’t Micheal Phelps me dude”

  • finally, jay reatard and peru in the same edit


  • aj

    when you gonna edit up the first episode of team go mike?

  • team go!

  • andresM.I.YAYO

    yo fuck water breaks all about that cryp break

  • Mark

    Just wondering,but where is this park at?

  • Dinosaur

    LOL @ mosher hittin that bong. Best quote ever.