Prolly Changes a Flat Jan 20, 2010

Prolly changes a flat from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

This is from last July in case you were wondering why I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If only it was that warm now. Sara Kinney had just gotten a Canon 5Dmk2 and the Lensbaby Composer earlier and wanted to shoot some test video. We shot for a little bit. Nothing serious, just messing around with old construction material. I got a flat, changed my tire and went home.

Months later she made a little edit out of the day and it’s actually pretty good.

Thanks Sara!

  • james

    damn! you are working those tight short shorts.

  • I’ve seen you wear shorts as late as October/November

  • hey its my bike and your on it

  • crihs

    Nice job Sara!

  • I think you meant to say serious, instead of series. I know how anal you are with spellings like you said!

  • shoulda patched it tut tut

  • g.a.p

    Very sweet vid.

    I have to wear shorts year round,not so bad.

    Could have used that tube,low on cash,and,two flats this week.Wah wah…