Peel Sessions 01.21.10 Jan 22, 2010

Wonka can now ride fakie. Even though this isn’t the line he was going for, I thought the video came out pretty good. Nice and clean. 180 to half cab. Check out a few more snapshots from tonight below.

Pretty chill night for the most part. I didn’t wanna push myself too hard since there’s a very long weekend ahead of me. Just hung out, practiced some lines and shot the shit. Perfect way to spend an evening.

  • Damn… Im missing out. Im quitting work.

  • I am assuming there was supposed to be a barspin in that half cab by the “fuck”.

    Good work wonka

  • Nah, a full cab instead of a half cab.

  • cute

  • sean

    did he shave his head? O_o

  • robmyers

    yEE!! wonka gettin down with the fakie!

  • Vas

    that looks clean