Pedaling NYC: Pizza Fixation Jan 5, 2010

PEDALING: NYC – “Pizza Fixation” from Iri Greco/Panforte Productions on Vimeo.

Bikes and Food. That’s the theme for a new web series called Pedaling NYC. Above is the first episode entitled “Pizza Fixation”. In this installment, Chris Jaeckle and his friends ride around in search of Pizza Moto, a mobile pizza oven.

Check out the trailer for the series and the project description below.

PEDALING: NYC Trailer from Iri Greco/Panforte Productions on Vimeo.

PEDALING: NYC first up in an ongoing series of food and cycling adventures.
PEDALING: is a host-driven and character based webseries. Each episode ranges from 3-6 minutes in length highlighting the best and most eclectic riding in the area and culminating in an informative and engaging lifestyle activity.

PEDALING Series is an original production of Panforte Productions and BrakeThrough Media. PEDALING NYC is presented in partnership with Specialized Bicycles, Whole Foods Market, Capo Forma, and with the promotional support of Bike New York and Bicycling Magazine.

  • Good idea but I felt like those guys were a little TOO cool.

  • Edward Scoble

    Those look like advert for Specialized/Globe bicycle.

  • erik erik erik

    no thanks.

  • wilis

    Well, tra lala! I like the idea of riding with friends, pizza and beer but uh, this is to Martha Stewart for me.

  • hakan

    So, how much did they pay to those j**** to ride those bikes and shop at that overpriced market? Trackbikes with brakes just look extremly ugly and riding with that speed, hand on the lever, is just soooo sweet,,,

  • Dag

    Can I still be in the fixie crew with my freewheel?

  • Alex

    “I kinda just wanna hang out in the cheese room?!” Yeah…you do that. Man these guys are sad.

  • Grunion

    I love food. I love beer. I love bicycles. I love Whole Foods? I don’t love this show. It’s just a bad premise. Watching a bunch of 30something yuppie hipsters kibitzing, shopping and riding their bikes? Dullllllllllllllllllll……