Peacock Groove Jury Jan 13, 2010


Mr. Erik Noren, aka “Short Shorts”, from Peacock Groove just shot me an email about his new Jury promotion. Here’s a snipped from the Peacock Groove webpage:

A run of twelve custom track bikes. 1,200 dollars each. This exclusive deal is for the first 12 people who respond. It is open for twelve only, and will only be done if there are 12 who order.These will be made custom to fit you. They will be track bikes!Track bikes only!

You’ll remember Erik’s work from the Copper-plated Peacock I posted earlier and the G’n’R disk wheel from last year’s NAHBS. I heard a rumor that he’s doing something gilded this year!

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Peacock Groove

  • Its not gonna be a flood of email inquiries, its gotta be a tsunami…

  • noren

    Not too many yet, and I hope it hits 12. I really want to do this run, it’s a really cool Idea.
    True Temper straight gauge main triangle, columbus rear end and track fork, Peacock horizontal drops. One color paint by Chris Kvale, this is an awesome deal. A standard Peacock goes for 2200 frame and fork.
    If you can find a better deal, buy two!!
    Thanks for postin John!!