Old MASH SF Bike Portraits Jan 4, 2010

Photo by Mike Martin

Mike Martin takes pretty pictures of bikes and he’s been doing so with his friend’s bikes for years. Back when MASH SF first started, he took the cast’s bikes and shot some portraits in his studio. A ton made it online eventually and some didn’t. While cleaning out some hard drives, Mike came across a few older shots that never made it into any media. Here’s Rob’s KHS Aero Track and a there’s a few others on the MASH Blog.

  • Andy Sanson: Now a coaster brake basket bike sprayed black

    I just punched myself in the dick at least five times. maybe more, I passed out.

  • I second Jeff on Andy’s bike. Daaaamn!

  • rand0m

    3rd on Andy’s bike. I want a picture.