No Fancy Riding in Bmore Jan 7, 2010

Photo by Keith Teket

Shane in Bmore got pulled over by the Baltimore PD for doing a wheelie downtown. HAHA. The ticket said ‘Tricks/Fancy riding”. Sucks man!

Seen at Bmore Fixed.

  • how is doing a wheelie even illegal? lol

  • blair

    can/do they pull over BMXers?

  • Evan.

    Had a tazer puled on myself and some other dudes riding bmx down by the science museum, the cops down there do nothing but keep it nice for tourists so if you ride on a walking area or sidewalk you will most likely get hassled.

  • Chris

    can’t say it’s hard to believe, here in Seattle, while it’s perfectly legal to ride on the sidewalks, it’s illegal to ride with no hands, and i definitely saw some old commuter lady get pulled over for it a few weeks ago.

  • joshblonde

    in milwaukee you have to have reflectors and apparently skids are considered fancy riding

  • julio

    haha thats nuts. ive gotten 2 wreckless driving tickes and my license suspended on my bike. A.C.A.B

  • another reason for me to continue aking baltimore’s finest ‘don’t you have better things to do?’


  • Chw

    I’m a dispatcher down here, and a bunch of my riders have gotten tickets for dismounting on the sidewalk instead of the middle of Pratt St; you know, where’s is safer.

    They are using the “no riding on the sidewalk” excuse to run names instead of public safety.

    Fight the ticket if you can, he will not show.

  • I had a traffic cop try and grab me after I split lanes on Lombard. Get real.

  • Mashugina

    Fight that ticket!

    Show up to on the court date listed on the ticket and ask the judge (politely, of course) what legal Baltimore city statute says you can’t ride your bike “fancy.” Or ask him to cite the specific law that cites “fancy riding” on a bicycle as illegal.

    Like it or not, you are setting a legal precedent here.

  • Big Willy Wonka

    hey genius, here’s your legal precedent….

    wow, spend five seconds looking around

  • do

    Big Willy is the man,

  • Thanks Big Willy
    Interesting reading. I wonder if 18.7 means it’s illegal to use a tandem as it is intended.

  • gfdsgfd

    can/do they pull over BMXers?
    Posted by blair | January 7, 2010 3:00 PM

    Yes, they do. BMX’ers just don’t write a blog post about it every time. Kinda like how they don’t put out a video of every single trick they do (or try). I’m think I’m detecting a pattern here.

  • thedutchtouch

    i was wondering the same thing big mike. seeing as i live in baltimore, ride quite frequently and just bought an older tandem for my wife and i to try out. i wonder what sort of ticket you would get for riding a tandem no handed down the pratt st sidewalk.