Nagasawa Roado – Pisto Concept Jan 6, 2010

Photo by Dave Wolff

Dave from Hype in Japan shot me an email first thing this morning about a new Nagasawa project. Not having internet at work can really put a damper on things and I had to wait all day to post this amazing bike. More information below.

Photo by Dave Wolff

This 4-speed Nagasawa has a track Q-factor holds a 4-speed freewheel within its 120 spaced rear. So, here’s my question. How do you shift? Do you have to manually move the tensioner? What about the front derailleur? So many questions!

Here’s the information via Hype in Japan:

The new concept made by Mr Nagasawa is now available.
The Roado – Pisto concept is a 4 speed bike imagined and made by Mr Nagasawa.
There are 3 different sizes, and bikes are available in black colour or in white colour.
The bike will be introduced at the handmade exhibition in Tokyo from 15 th of January to the 17 th of January.

It reminds me of what Nagasawa did to Sasha’s bike to make it more street-friendly. Interesting project for sure!

Nagasawa Rides Again

  • Chris Jensen

    looks like it will be a “get off and move the chain” sort of thing. the front is a chainring and chainguard

  • I think I’m missing the point. At this point throw a rear derailleur on there. No shame in rocking gears but seems a little silly.

  • i have something like that. second photo down from here:

    it came as a njs-stamped nagasawa frame with 2 respaced rear bridges, road braze ons, and covered in “stratos” decals. Perhaps a keirin rider’s road training bike?

    i built it up with ’03 chorus and it rides great. depending on the gear the chainline sits at extreme angles (due to such a short wheelbase) but i have no major problems with trim.

    current photo here: