MWM Venue: Cream City Skatepark Jan 19, 2010

For those of you going to the MWM, here’s your venue. The Cream City Skatepark was kind enough to open their doors to a bunch of 700c delinquents for the Mid-West Mayhem. This park is massive. A ton of stuff to ride. Watch this video and others on their site and plan your lines. It’s going to be a nutty time!

If you haven’t been keeping track of all the details, head over to the thread on Trick Track there’s also a thread dedicated to the final details. Watch that one for updates.

Mid-West Mayhem Map
Mid-West Mayhem Final Flier
Mid-West Mayhem Roll Call

  • jnd

    corey kennedy would kill that place!

  • Shea[DPH]

    Heres another good video that shows a good portion of the park.

    It’ll help you all get some lines goin. Its also an interview with the owner, Bill. If you see this guy at MWM, make sure you say thank you!