Milwaukee is Stocking Alex G6000s Jan 15, 2010

Yep. They’re back in stock. Great rims for fixed freestyle. Strong as hell and wide enough to hold bigger tires without popping beads. Everyone I know that’s ridden these rims loves them, myself included. Gettem while they last!

  • Keval

    I was wondering what kind of rims you run on your Bruiser?

  • Chukkers. I was riding the G6000s before that and loved them. Both rims are good, but I felt the extra bit of width and the cross-section on these made riding bigger tires a bit easier.

  • yes they’re here on Torey’s blog
    but in Poland are not available so I want to build wheels with Mavic A 317 disc. are you know something about use them in 700cmx. or maybe something about Alex ACE 18 rims?

  • Keval

    I guess I’m going to go for the G6000s, thanks for the advice.

  • Wish these guys would come out with a NMSW version. Can’t beat the price, though.

  • I am sure its fine for a cheap rim, comparable to maybe Weinman. But I was not happy about the finish quality of these rim when I built a set for Tony. Spoke tension was way uneven, the extrusion of the rim is just not very even. As a wheel builder I’d have to give them a C+.

  • j

    machine sidewall kills these.

  • my wheelbuilder said the same thing, but that rim lasted longer than any other did.


  • I hear you, just takes me longer to build them as I try to get them as even as possible. Might just have to resign to doing cheap rims fast and dirty, just not my style…