Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Prototype Bruiser Fork Jan 29, 2010

While I was in Milwaukee last weekend, Drew and I came across one of the original prototype Bruiser forks. We made five models with the fork blades tapered and five without. After testing both, we decided that “beefier is better” and put the non-tapered through for production. It wasn’t that the tapered fork was inherently weaker, it was just that we wanted to play it safe. Four of the five tapered protos were given away and this is the last one.

When we found it last weekend, Drew agreed to hand it over. So now I’m going to test it out and see what I think. Check out some more photos of the fork and a nice shot of the new MKE grips below.

Here’s a good shot of the taper.

Still sporting the beer stein.

There’s a nice shot of the MKE Grips. I’ve been riding for about a week now and so far so good!

As you can see, the taper is noticeably different than the stock fork. We don’t have any plans on replacing the production fork, so don’t freak out. At the moment, the weight savings are so minimal that we’re wondering why a lot of people have gone with tapered legs? I guess it comes down to one thing; piecemeal weight loss = lighter bikes. Every ounce, or in this case, grams count.

  • Kyle

    wheres the beef??

  • At the butcher!

  • aj

    send me one yo that thing is sexy

  • EvadaDonWron

    Prolly, have you tried running the Hemisphere Sport tires? I just ordered some Hemispheres from my local LBC and they came in grey….are the sports much different that what you are running?

  • Jros66

    I like it a lot. You should sell it to me when you decide to go back to the beefier version.

  • The taper is always a cleaner look and doesnt effect strength!
    Taper=good idea.

  • j

    NO! fuck that WEAK shit. leave that GAY ASS taper to gorilla and super ted. i can live with extra TWO OZ. of weight of a NORMAL looking bruiser fork.

  • puckett

    wheres the dont mess with texas sticker?

  • came off in the rain. I have another one though…

  • @rehtt

    Woh J, freak out more. I agree that the taper does not look very good though.

  • john

    J: most BMX forks are tapered and the BMXers aren’t breaking those those WEAK and GAY ASS forks, you sure as fuck aren’t.