Mike Martin’s Cadence DVS Photos Jan 21, 2010

Photo by Mike Martin

Yesterday MASH SF Tweeted that Dustin from Cadence swung by to see them. Now, on the MASH blog, Mike Martin reveals what Dustin dropped off; some samples of the Fast Friday Cadence DVS collaboration. Check out the other pics at the MASH blog.

Looking nice!

Cadence x DVS Milan CTC Update
Cadence x DVS Milan CTC

  • Wilis

    Booooooo! It’s not my job to like the news, it’s my job to report it. I know I’m speaking for a lot of people right now but FUCK CADENCE!!!!

  • sellout

    Dustin used to post on his blog all the time about sellouts and how he hated corporations. Maybe he is broke?

  • andy

    really willis? really…